Printed dinosaur skull

Here’s the completed dinosaur skull that I’ve been working on for a couple weeks.  It’s printed in 3 sections, 2 for front and 1 for the rear, and then joined together using acetone.

The model was created from tomographic scans of an actual fossil, so it shows the interior details of the skull.  Really interesting!  It’s probably the closest most people are going to get to being able to handle a fossil skull, and examine it in detail and at their leisure.

No-one seems to know the species of this particular specimen, alas.  But it sure is amazing!

Dinosaur skull
Dinosaur skull

The files were obtained from

I printed it with 0.2mm layers, and the front pieces were printed with support material.  Printing all 3 pieces together takes about 6 hours … which is less than printing each piece separately.  The teeth are a bit iffy, but that’s probably because I printed at 0.2mm spacing … 0.1mm spacing would probably make those small structures nicer.