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Helping the staff to work hard!

I do so much work around here!  The he-staff was digging and hitting at the ground for a long time.  Sometimes he hit the ground with a stick, and sometimes he pulled stuff up, and sometimes he wandered around with … Continue reading

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I am a fur-emitting machine!

My staff complains about the amount of fur that I shed.  They simply don’t realize how much of an effort it is to continuously generate it!  Fur-regeneration requires a lot of rest, and that’s why I sleep so much.

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Old manuals bring back fond memories.

I was poking around the in the unused corners of my basement kingdom (SWMBO rarely lets me play upstairs), and I came across some old manuals.  Damn, but they brought back some happy memories!  Maybe they’ll do the same for … Continue reading

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Sometimes life is just duckie!

I came back from getting groceries and noticed a mallard duck standing in the middle of the road.  Don’t know why, but he seemed quite serene and confident. I walked towards him to get a better picture and he started … Continue reading

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Twists and turns on the blog.

Greetings, prisoners of the Intertubes.  I’ve added some new content, and changed things around a bit. First of all, I’ve added some contributors … the cats demanded that their voices be heard. Secondly, I’ve added a bit of content for … Continue reading

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Minor tweak to layout.

I set the site to use “fixed” instead of “fluid” sizing.  The latter was causing the LHS menus to drop to the bottom of the page when the browser window was narrower.  Now the page is fixed size, which requires … Continue reading

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Fixes made and woodworking stuff added.

Greetings, prisoners of the Intertubes. Mistakes and typos have been corrected (thanks, Trit).  Pages of woodworking stuff have been put up.  Enjoy.  

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More updates!

Greetings, prisoners of the Intertubes! For your edification and enjoyment I offer up a whole bunch of updates.  Check out the two all-new sections, Christmas and Halloween. Cat pages have been updated.  Yes, and editing issues from the previous update … Continue reading

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New site updates!

Updated the menu system.  Added real content for the pages of Beaudelair and Spooky.  Let me know how you like the layout of the menus.

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Fun with balloons.

Bought some helium-filled balloons for SWMBO’s birthday.  Had an interesting time getting them home in the car, then walking through the house with them.  Here’s a picture : That smiley face is one big balloon! OK, so day after the … Continue reading

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