Making stuff for Christmas

One of the traditions I’ve started is to give out home-made gifts at Christmas. Tacky, yes, but I try to come up with things that one just can’t find anywhere else. What ends up happening is that for a few weeks prior to Christmas, Santa’s Little Sweatshop gets pretty darned busy, and the air inside turns a festive shade of blue.  Over the past few years I’ve done tumbling clowns, candle holders, “Mr.&Mrs. Goose”, wooden toads, wooden pens, and toys & puzzles of various sorts. Another neat thing (well, I like ’em) is dated Christmas tree ornaments done on the scroll saw. It’s a lot of work, yes, but the heartfelt “You shouldn’t have. I mean it … you REALLY shouldn’t have” makes it all worth while. It’s a challenge to come up with something new and different every year, but that’s half the fun (not to mention the panic).

Note that some years have a paucity of pictures. Sometimes that means that I chose to buy gifts rather than making them (gasp! horror!). Sometimes that means that I got so caught up in wrapping and mailing that I forgot to take pictures.

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