Halloween 2013

Front porch. Scary stuff!

Meet the new guy, Tiki. The body is cardboard, and the legs are made from plastic kitty-litter containers.

Here’s a good shot of Tiki, new paper heads, a paper mache pumpkin, and female torso (in paper) being painted.

I made a couple of chicken wire figures. I’ve seen such things online that are truly works of art … mine, not so much. They look nice when there’s still some daylight, but tend to disappear in the dusk, even with street lights. Sigh.

The Pumpkin Gang and Friends gather for a group shot before being put outside.

Shot of what’s in the yard. The black figure at the rear is a silhouette cut out of black ground cover cloth. It’s a quick&dirty prop, but in a light breeze in moves rather nicely.

Here’s a shot of the LHS of the porch. I made use of leftover hop vines to create an interesting backdrop. It made a good way to hold a lot of the smaller props. It got some positive comments from the kids who came by, as it was something they’d never seen before!

More details from the porch around the door.

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