Welcome to mysterious world of Gargoyle.

I am a gargoyle.
I am a mythical creature.
(that means that in theory I don’t really exist)

Long ago, gargoyles existed only on buildings within the hearts of cities. Decaying, polluted, noisy, cities. But this is the 21st century! A time of marvels, a time of changes, a time for all right-thinking gargoyles to get the hell out of Dodge, and find a place where one can breathe the air without having to chew it first.

Alas, it’s not easy being granite in a world ruled by protoplasm-based lifeforms (or “squishies”, as my kind likes to call ’em). But the Odd Gods were kind, and I found a lovely home in the ‘burbs, less than an hour’s drive from The City. It’s a pretty good home, all in all. Lots of fresh air, things to do, and places to lurk.

The house’s squishies and me get along pretty good. Let me show you my “brave new world”, and my explorations therein

Gardening is a special joy for me, being a city-bred type and all. Here’s a picture of me tending a flock of tomatoes. Just getting ripe, and mighty fine eating! Especially when sprinkled with some powdered cat.
A gargoyle (or squishy) doesn’t live by food alone, so I like to balance my gardening with some “just for fun” plants. Some are pleasantly scented, and some are just plain fun to look at.
Although I enjoy a healty outdoors-oriented lifestyle, I also like to keep my mind and wits sharp. There’s no better way to do that than to settle down with a good book, listening to some nice music.
It’s nice to have an indoor-ish hobby for the winter months, so I’ve started puttering around in Mr. Fumblethumb’s workshop. And, yes, even I pay strict attention to workshop safety, and wear the appropriate safety equipment.
At the end of a hot day, nothing beats sitting outside with a cold beer, watching the universe unfold!

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