This year’s dated ornament. I’ve been wanting to do a candle-themed ornament for a few years, and this design really spoke to me.

Here’s a lovely fretwork dragon, unfinished, sitting on the scrollsaw’s table. An enjoyable thing to cut, but there’s a few heart-stopping moments where a slip could destroy hours of work.

Here’s a collection of some scrollwork goodies before being finished.

Here’s a collection of fretwork goodies after finishing.

Not everything goes smoothly in The Shop! The item on the right had the nose blow out when I was making the very last cut. Sigh. So I made another one (I needed 2 of these), and kept the broken one for myself. With a coat of oil, it still looks very nice.

I started making my wife these dodecahedron calendars a few years back, and it’s become a mandatory gift. Not hard to make from the papercraft pattern, and kind of a nice change from woodworking.

Some of this year’s Christmas baking that I did.

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