Spooky, Empress of the Universe

Welcome to The Temple of Spooky
Empress of the Universe

I am a cat.
I am beautiful.

You may continue to exist in my universe so long as you worship me.

NOTE : This is a memorial to Spooky, who passed on in the summer of 2010 after a lengthy battle with cancer.  When initially diagnosed, the vet told us not to expect her to live more than 2 or 3 weeks (cancer tends to hit cats very hard).  However, she decided that it was not yet her time to leave us, so she hung on for nearly 5 months.  But there came a time when the kindest thing to do was to give her peace from the ravages of the disease.  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day when I took her to the vet for the last time.  The vet was running behind schedule, so Spooky and I sat outside in the sun for half an hour.  I let her out of her cage and she wandered about on a tabletop for a while, sniffing the air and really enjoying herself.  I, of course, was an emotional wreck.  Even after all the time that has passed, it still brings tears to my eyes to write this. Her passing was gentle and dignified.   Shortly after I got home, the skies clouded over and there was a tremendous display of thunder and lightning.  I’m sure that it was due to Spooky asserting herself over the heavens, just as she did the world in life.

A very long time ago [staff : 1998], some vile cad assaulted me on my first heat, with the result that I became pregnant. At which point I and my offspring were subjected to imprisonment and forced to share a cell block with lesser cats. One by one, my kittens were removed from the cage, never to be seen again. Which was just as well, since it made more room for me. Then shortly after the last of the kittens was removed, my current Staff plucked me from the cage and took me away to a vast, strange place. For some reason, they also brought along a large, black cat. For the first little while I made sure that I followed him around pretty closely … that way, if there were any dangers, he’d “discover” them first. A girl can’t be too careful. But now that all the dangers have been taken care of (none of which took care of that Other Cat, damn it all), I am now Supreme Ruler of The Universe. All bow before me. All tremble at my passing.

The Vet (blah! icky!) estimated my age at 1 year when the staff picked me up, and since then everyone comments on my thick plush coat, and beautiful pink nose.

My favorite things include : sniffing the insides of sneakers, striking evil-doers with the Paw of Justice ™, ensuring that no interlopers breathe my air without my express permission (rarely given), accepting all adoration as my due, using the Staff as a mattress at night, entertaining the Staff by whistling cheerful tunes through my nose, and forcing the Other Cat to leave a good sleeping spot by forcibly grooming him.

This picture shows me when I was ever so young, and far too thin. As my magnificence has increased, my physical stature has grown to match it. Currently, my magnificence is almost beyond measure. Am I not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Here’s another picure of my younger self being cute. It’s almost too easy to manipulate the staff … a superior being can do almost anything, including ruin clothing, simply by looking cute. The fools.

In addition, I notice that my younger self was far too alert, far too playful. These days I maintain a quiet dignity, preferring to have the Staff bring my needs to me. Playtime is a must, but the prey must be brought to me … chasing it is far beneath my current lofty station in life.

My wild side will not be denied … a cat must lounge on a tree limb after consuming her meal. Especially when the tree limb is soft and plush.

On rare occasions I permit the other cat to share my space with me … like when it is chilly and I require some extra warmth. However, I make sure he knows that he continues to be under my paw.

Last autumn, the staff installed a bay window for me. Ooohhh it is sooooo lovely to bask in the warm sun on a cold day. And it allows to gaze upon the outer expanses of my kingdom in comfort. With the windows open, I can even check out all those delightful scents that infuse my kingdom. MY kingdom. All MINE.

You’ll have to pry this comforter from my cold, dead paws.

Hey!  Can’t a girl snuggle with a paw-warmer without being interrupted?

Sometimes a girl just wants to be alone.

Sometimes a cave is better than a box.

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