Spooky, Empress of the Universe

Welcome to The Temple of Spooky
Empress of the Universe

I am a cat.
I am beautiful.
You may continue to exist in my universe so long as you worship me.


This picture shows me when I was ever so young, and far too thin. As my magnificence has increased, my physical stature has grown to match it. Currently, my magnificence is almost beyond measure. Am I not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
Here’s another picure of my younger self being cute. It’s almost too easy to manipulate the staff … a superior being can do almost anything, including ruin clothing, simply by looking cute. The fools.
In addition, I notice that my younger self was far too alert, far too playful. These days I maintain a quiet dignity, preferring to have the Staff bring my needs to me. Playtime is a must, but the prey must be brought to me … chasing it is far beneath my current lofty station in life.
My wild side will not be denied … a cat must lounge on a tree limb after consuming her meal. Especially when the tree limb is soft and plush.
On rare occaisons I permit the other cat to share my space with me … like when it is chilly and I require some extra warmth. However, I make sure he knows that he continues to be under my paw.
Last autumn, the staff installed a bay window for me. Ooohhh it is sooooo lovely to bask in the warm sun on a cold day. And it allows to gaze upon the outer expanses of my kingdom in comfort. With the windows open, I can even check out all those delightful scents that infuse my kingdom. MY kingdom. All MINE.
You’ll have to pry this comforter from my cold, dead paws.
snuggle cats Hey! ┬áCan’t a girl snuggle with a paw-warmer without being interrupted?




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