Gritz, Champion Napper

NOTE : In November of 2020, a tumor was found on Gritz’s jaw, and turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer. He passed away just before New Years, at the age of 17. He was a good friend, and is sorely missed.

I am Gritz, the two-tone terror.  Conqueror of the secrets of Morpheus.  Join me on my adventures in napping.

Once I was a happy cat.  For many years my staff loved me and cared for me and together we made a home.  Then one day I was forced into a tiny cage and hauled off to a strange and noisy and frightening place.  It was filled with other cats, and Things That Barked.  I had always been an only cat, but I was forced to share a small room with many other cats.  And I never saw my beloved staff or my home ever again.

Much time passed, and I learned to endure the other cats and crowded room.  But I forgot what happiness was.

Then one day, two humans came and petted me and talked to me.  They even played a bit with me!  I dared to hope for happiness once again.  Then I was stuffed into a tiny cage, and placed inside a noisy bouncy room.  I howled in protest.  The the Bouncy Room stopped bouncing and I was brought into a strange place, and placed into a room with another cat.  But only one!  The next day I was allowed into a larger room!  Then a door opened and I saw a strange cat!  We each hissed once to show our magnificence, then we carefully ignored each other.  Then, Wonder of Wonders, the door opened and I was allowed into a HUGE place, with many rooms, and more than one level!  I explored, and found a nice place that I claimed as my own.  It was not my beloved home, nor were these new humans my beloved staff.  I was very sad for a long time, but gradually I learned to enjoy my new surroundings.  Slowly I learned to happy once more.  Eventually I realized that this new place was HOME, and the new staff were MY staff.

I am happy.  Life is good.

staff notes : We adopted  Gritz in October of 2010.  He was 6 years old, and had been surrendered by his previous owner who had to move to an apartment that didn’t allow pets.  He seemed good natured, laid back, and was able to tolerate the other cats living in the large cage.  We brought he and Eddie home (they both howled for the entire 1 hour trip) and put them into the guest bathroom for the rest of the day.  He and Eddie had been in the same cage together, so they knew each other.  The next day we gave each of them an hour or so alone in the guest bedroom, to establish a “safe place” for them.  Then we cracked open the door to introduce them to Beaudelair, who was VERY interested in what was going on!  They gave a token hiss at each other and walked away, so we let Gritz out, and they each studiously ignored the other for several days!  Funny!   Gritz claimed a spot in the dining room as his, and chased the other cats away from it.  He seemed quietly depressed for several weeks, and was slow to come out of his shell.   It was actually several months before he ever went back upstairs!  Now he wanders all over the house, and plays nicely with the other two cats.  Every so often his “orange side” takes over, but for the most part he is loving and adorable.  And sheds vast quantities of fur.

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