Halloween 2018

The porch at dusk. The lights in the pumpkin flicker, adding to the spookiness.

The lawn figures. The pyramid-shaped aliens were elevated off the ground with black wire (clothes hanger wire) to give the illusion of floating. LED lamps inserted into the bodies gave them an otherworldly glow in the dark.

Here are the figures in the garden next to the porch. Most of them had flickering lights inside them.

Porch, left-hand side.

Porch, right-hand side. The small raven and gargoyle are papercraft props that I cut out and glued up. The skull is an older papercraft prop, but I modified it to add concave eyeballs, which give the illusion of the skull’s eye’s tracking your movements.

Here’s a closeup of the aliens, plus a “shruken” head. The aliens are simply triangular slabs of cardboard, with a mouth and eye cut out. Simple, but cute. The head is a papercraft project I put together from a pattern found on the internet.

This is what it all looked like in the dark. I apologize for the blurriness … it’s impossible to get the camera to properly focus in low light situations.

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