Here’s the 2014 dated ornament.

I took an “eye of Horus” pattern and created a dual eye. I kinda like this!

A lovely chickadee fretwork … the first year I made it. I’ve made a number of these over the years, out of various types of wood. After several years of sighing over the ones I sent out, I finally made one for myself.

I’ve made a number of these over the years, but this was the first year of making it, in various sizes and colours. The thicker ones stand on their own very nicely.

A lovely pair of swans, made in pine but painted in a shiny chrome. Personally, I love the look of wood, but have to admit that sometimes a different finish can produce striking results.

Well, this is something different that I made for some friends of mine. It somehow seemed appropriate.

OK, this is a bit rude. Well, a lot rude. I’m a big fan of the show “Serenity”, as are some of my friends. On the show, the actors sometimes let loose with a stream of Chinese-sounding words. Turns out that those were actual Chinese swear words. Someone put those curses up on the Internet, and I created this from that. The Chinese-speakers at work blushed and refused to translate, simply saying that it was, “Bad. Very bad.”

A light-hearted piece of fretwork. The lines are rather narrow, which can make cutting out the piece something of a challenge.

Beaudelair prefers to be thought of as “otherly jolly” at Christmas. Apparently festive hats are not his thing.

As for Eddie and Gritz, they managed to escape the hat, and set themselves up to enjoy the fire.

Some of the baking I did for Christmas.

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