Stuff made for Christmas 2007.

I managed to get quite a bit of stuff built this year, and even got photos of most of it.  With the exception of the lap desk, it was all fretwork stuff with one intarsia piece.  Well, except for the knitting.  Yep, knitting.  A co-worker knit me a scarf for Christmas last year, so this year I decided to turn the tables and knit her one.  Ended up knitting 6 scarves, all in all, for various people.  Nothing fancy, mind you, just a simple knit stitch.  And scarves are easy, if somewhat tedious.  I learned how to knit from books and videos, with heroic assistance from my wife.  One word of advice … NEVER ask your spouse to teach you to knit.  Trust me.



dated ornament for 2007 The dated ornament for this year is a bit different.  More of a “classical” design, with a metallic bronze finish that was hand-painted on.  Having a single colour to paint makes things easier, but all those that fancy fretwork was rather finicky to paint.
Here’s a fretwork loon done in 7/8-inch mohagany  and finished in Danish oil.  Done for my sister, who has 2 sons. fretwork loon
fretwork musician Stylized fretwork musician blowing a horn. Done in oak and finished with oil.
Howling wolf, done in 1/2-inch cedar and mounted on plywood backer.  Cedar is lovely stuff, but somewhat brittle, hence the use of the backer. fretwork mhowling worlf
To The Stars A science fiction themed fretwork piece.
A forest&deer themed fretwork piece. Done in mahogany and finished with oil. fretwork deer
Gone Fishing Done for a co-worker who is an avid fisherman.
pair of owls The owls are done in 1/4-inch plywood, and the frame is 3/4-inch pine.  For my wife who really likes owls.
Intarsia yin-yang in a naturalistic setting.  Made for my wife to remind her to make time to “enhance her calm” during her hectic days. intarsia Yin-yang
lap desk A lap desk made for a co-worker who is an avid modeller.  Both sides can be used, and the holes are sized to fit his brushes.  I actually discussed the design with him before making it, which is something of a first for me, but  neccessary to customize it to his requirements.  Made out of regular fir 2×4’s cut to the required size.
A simple puzzle-dragon made out of oak.  I’ve made several of these over the years, and they are fun to make. puzzle dragon 1
puzzle dragon 2 A laughing dragon puzzle, done in thick oak.
Imperial dragon puzzle, done in 1-inch mahogany. puzzle dragon 3
puzzle dragon 4 Yet another puzzle dragon, done in 1-inch mahogany (lovely stuff!).
Phoenix rising from the flames.  The flames were done in 1-1/2 inch fir, and the phoenix done in 1-inch yellowheart.   Getting the two pieces to mesh properly was something of a challange, but I rather like the look of the final piece. puzzle phoenix
the shop Last, but not least, what the shop looked like at the end of the making.

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