Stuff made for Christmas 2009.

Batleths and sock monkeys and flying pigs … oh my!   Nothing says “christmas” like weapons and monsters.  Nothing wrong with my celebration of the holiday season, no siree.



dated ornament for 2009 The dated ornament for this year is another painted effort.  Yes, I know I swore not to do this sort of thing again, but the design was just too perfect!
I asked my co-workers want they wanted for Christmas, and one wistfully replied “a  big weapon”.  He was having a bad day.  So I made a couple of  batleths out of MDF and painted  them with aluminum paint.    At  3-ft by 1-ft in size, they  really can be  swung around as if  real!   Wanted to make one for myself, but ran out of time … I gotta make one for myself one of these days. batleth
flying pig This is a cutie!  A flying pig made of 3/4-inch pine, and the wings out of 1/4-inch plywood.   Even made one for myself.
Everyone’s favorite great old one — Cthulhu.  Done in poplar and dyed in antique jade colour.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

fretwork Cthulhu
The original design called for a circular piece, but all I had handy was this rectangular piece of something-or-other.  Not sure what the wood is (maybe ash), but it sure turned out nicely!  So nice, in fact, that my wife hinted STRONGLY that she would simply love to have it as a gift.  So the intended recipient got something else … I’m no fool. fretwork dragon
fretwork dragon & phoenix Pairing of dragon and phoenix.  Apparently in Chinese mythology, the dragon represents “male” and the phoenix “female”.  So I gave it to a recently married co-worker.  Made of pine and stained.
Awwww.  Too cute not to make.  Made of poplar and stained. fretwork kitten
live laugh love I’m not fond of inspirational messages, but I kinda like this design.  So I gave it to my Mother.
Yet another “oakoo” … they look cute and are straightforward to make.  It’s made out of 3/4-inch pine, and is about 7-inches wide.  This one is dyed with antique jade colour. green oakoo
pine oakoo Another oakoo, done in pine with a simple oil finish.
Another “awww” piece made out of 1-inch yellowheart (yellow …  sunshine … get it?).  I gave this one to my wife. you are my sunshine
sock monkey Just for something a bit “crafty”, I decided to make up several of these sock monkeys/creature/thingies (each was slightly different).  Had to learn how to sew properly and everything.  Rather fun, actually, although putting in the stuffing through the hole in the butt rather creeped me out at times.

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