This was a Christmas tinged with sorrow. One of our cats, Gritz, had developed cancer in his jaw (detected the first of November), and passed away just before New Years. He was 17 years old, so he lived to a pretty good age, with good health until the end.

This year’s dated ornament. Another one with lots of fiddly painting — will I ever learn?

This year’s Christmas card image is from a very old (over 100 years!) card.

A fretwork based on a Celtic design. Made out of oak, I discovered that this was not a good wood for fine fretwork designs. I’d hoped to do a bit of hand carving to round out the edges and such, but oak just won’t allow that. Sigh. Still looks pretty good, though, I think.

A nifty design that was a bit of a challenge to do do, given the fine lines. Not sure what the wood is … possibly hemlock.

I made this by placing a photo of a friend into an old illustration by Rackham. A bit fiddly to do, but I think it works.

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