This year’s dated ornament. Once again, a lot of fiddly painting. Worse, about a third of the those mailed got broken in transit. Sigh. Well, no more delicate designs, I guess.

Once again we got custom stamps made up from Canada Post. Of course each cat had to get a block of stamps!

For this year’s home-made card I hand-painted a design. All in all I made 20 of these, plus 20 of the dated ornaments. It’s quite the exercise in planning and setting up an assembly line! And so very much painting.

I made a pair of those lovely dragons for my wife. They aren’t very large, but very cute.

I put together this painted intarsia, based on a famous painting. I tweaked the colours a bit from the original, to make it appear more like a man screaming while sitting in front of his computer.

Just for something different, I made a pair of “hero helmets” out of foam (actually floor mats) for a couple of friends.

Each friend got a different foam weapon. I also made up a short story for each person’s character, and printed it out with suitable illustrations. Silly and tacky, sure, but fun to make … and that’s the important thing, right?

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