Halloween 2011

Here’s an overview of the front of the house. Note the silhouette in the window. The figures on the right are pretty simple, but effective props. The “body” is a fibreglass fencing rod, with a clothes hanger for the “body”, and burlap to form the shape. Some of them have “arms”, which are simply cut from black ground cover cloth. Very effective when there’s a bit of wind blowing, as the bodies sway and the arms flag.

Here’s a couple views of the porch and garden.

Here’s another view, showing the garage door creature. Also shows off the “arms” on the figures.

Here’s the “mad monk” prop, tweaked with a Master Chief helmet (from the game Halo), that I made from paper. Note that Eddie is doing a quality check of everything. He is so helpful.

Here’s a trio of paper heads I assembled this year. Such a charming crew!

It all looks so lovely in the dark. Boo!

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