Halloween 2008

The big thing this year was the carved pumpkins.   Lots of fun, but the scheduling is a real pain!  Can’t buy the pumpkins too soon or they rot.  And it takes time to carve each one, so can only do so many each evening after work.   As well, I made up some paper masks using patterns I found on the web, and managed to make use of them in a rather interesting way.  Nice to be doing new stuff instead of just re-using old stuff.

The first of the pumpkins … just the run-of-the-mill bug-eyed thing with big, sharp teeth.

pumpkin 1

Oh my, that looks painful!  Living on the edge of a golf course, this seemed like a natural one to carve.  The red stuff you see around the damaged eye is real blood … carving tools are SHARP and I got careless and then I got bit by the blade.   But waste not want not, especially on Halloween.

pumpkin 2

Some sort of primitive warrior grimacing at his opponents.

pumpkin 3

The “screamer”.  Well, maybe a whiny kind of scream.  Or maybe just a whiny little kid demanding treats.

pumpkin 4

A view up the driveway.  Notice the two hooded creatures near the front.  These were last-minute additions.  I had made some paper masks that were laying around, so I wrapped them around an empty plastic jug, taped the jug to  a thin fiberglass rod, and made a hood-ish thing with some scraps of burlap.  When the wind blew, they wobbled and bobbled very nicely … but rather too wobbly when the winds got very strong that night.  But the effect was lovely, and spooked kids and dogs alike.

view up the driveway

A better view of some of the goodies closer to the house.  Notice that I added some hands and a weapon to the screaming kid.  And, of course, there are some old friends added to the mix.

driveway view 2

A nice view of the porch decorations.  I added one of the paper masks (the Guy Fawkes from the movie “V”) to mini-monk.

view of the porch

The Mad Monk got a re-worked pumpkin for a head.  Note the bloody handprints in the window … I bought those quite cheaply but don’t think anyone else noticed them.

fview of porch 2

Here’s what things looked like at twilight.

twilight view

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