Halloween 2014

Here’s a view of the porch. As you might notice from the dampness on the walkway, it rained. Yuck. Hard on the props, and hard on the kids. Not surprisingly, there were fewer kids than normal. And the next day it snowed. All in all, not the best of Halloweens.

Porch, left-hand side. I was trying to create a totem pole effect. And not spend too much effort doing it. Hey, some of us have jobs that eat up a LOT of our time and energy.

Porch, right-hand side. Good old Tiki helps to fill up the space.

Eddie checks out a couple packing tape figures I made. I used the chicken wire figures as forms, and wrapped clear packing tape around. For the heads, I wrapped the tape around foam heads. I tried using myself as the form, but it’s kinda hard to wrap oneself … but I did manage to get one arm and leg (see the r-h figure).

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