This year’s dated ornament. Simple, but cute, I think.

This is the card cover. The interior poem is shown below.

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the castle
All the reindeer had fled
Which caused quite a hassle.
Santa just stood there
In anger did quiver
With a sleigh-full of presents
He had to deliver.
Then his missus came out
With strong drink in a flagon
Which inspired old Santa
“I’ll just use a dragon!”
So he made a few calls
And pulled a few strings
Called in some favours
Overlooked naughty things.
Soon he was hooked up
And tore through the fog
Whooping and hollering
“Dash away, dash away, Smaug”
To the houses he went
And the presents delivered
For the children in beds
Who sleeplessly quivered.
He was heard to exclaim
As he sped through the night
“Merry Christmas to all”
“Feast on reindeer tonight.”
Merry Christmas!

A cute moose desk organizer. Made out of MDF … that was a mistake; solid wood glues up much more strongly.

Here’s a little something I made for myself. It really describes my feelings for the season. Made out of poplar, and is about 10 inches wide.

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