Halloween 2009

Another year and more stuff made.  No carved pumpkins this year, but I did make a couple of large paper-mache pumpkins (very time consuming!).  Also made some paper skulls and a new half-skeleton.

Yet another mod to the “Mad Monk” prop.   I had found a paper model for a skull, and enlarged it to twice normal size.  The full-size skull came out OK, but the 2x skull was pretty floppy despite using heavy card-stock … it needed some sort of internal bracing that I simply didn’t have the time to add.

mad monk 1

Here’s the  new & improved Mad Monk 2.   The head was changed to yet another paper-model thing, and the green pumpkin is actually an old paper-mache pumpkin re-painted and with toothpick fangs added.   I also added some “internal organs” to the monk, since the burlap robe is somewhat transparent.

mad monk 2

This is what the ensemble looked like.  Note the “heads on a stick” (old heads displayed in a new way), last year’s quick&dirty wobbly-things, and a couple of store-bought skull ornaments.  I painted the skull ornaments to make ’em look more like stone, and painted the eye-sockets green.

view up driveway

A new skeleton.  The bones are rolled-up newspaper, and the whole thing was quickly assembled using a cloths-hanger for the spine and duct-tape to hold it all together.  Of course the clothshanger was simply to flimsy once the head was added (I tested it with no head), so at the last minute I added a piece of wood for the spine and quickly added some white paint.  Hence the white paint on the grass.  The paper-mache head is a re-worked old one … new fangs and a new paint-job.  Fangs do seem to add something to a pumpkin!

new skeleton

Here’s what the porch looked like.  Yes, the skull ornaments are tacked on with black tape.

view of porch

A close-up of the LHS of the porch.  The large pumpkin head is a new paper-mache creation.

porch LHS

And the RHS of the porch.  Yet another new paper-mache pumpkin.

porch RHS

Here’s a group picture of the paper-mache pumpkins.  The two large ones on the right are new, and the two on the left are re-worked older ones.  The large ones, by the way, were made using a new process that I stumbled across.  The form is made by filling a plastic bag with wadded-up newspaper, then tied&taped to form the shape.  Then strips of newspaper are wetted with glue and the form covered with a couple of layers.  Let dry and repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.  It gets pretty tedious!  But it takes many layers to make a reasonably rigid piece, especially with those larger sizes.


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