This year’s Christmas card.

This year’s dated ornament.

A friend’s birthday comes just before Christmas, and this was a milestone year for him. So I created this special scrollsawed gift. Hee hee.

I made several of these, and finished each of them differently.

The pattern for this is called “Pensive Lass”, and I made a couple of these.

I made three of these. The wingspan is about 10 inches.

This crazy cat fretwork broke as I was applying the acrylic paint. Ack! I waited until it was dried, then glued it together, and kept it as a gift for myself. You can see the repaired crack about half way up the right-hand side.

Here’s what it looked like when it suddenly snapped! Wood can have hidden stresses within it, which can get released when the wood softens as a finish is applied. I’ve had whole fretwork pieces shatter into dozens of pieces when an oil finish is applied … this cat fretwork broke cleanly and could be repaired.

It’s been a good year, overall.

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