Stuff made for Christmas 2008.

Managed to make “something completely different” this year … actually a couple somethings.  Made a marble lift toy with moving parts, and figured out how to put an image onto a t-shirt.  And made the usual sorts of stuff, too,  along the way.

The dated ornament for this year is another painted effort. It’s about 4-inches high and is made out of 1/8-inch Baltic birch plywood, painted with various colours.  I gotta start making simpler ornaments … all that painting gets tedious.

Here’s a fretwork cat done in 7/8-inch mahogany and finished in Danish oil.  I ended up making several of these in varying sizes and of varying materials.

Dog and cat done in 1-1/2 inch pine.  I love the expressions on their faces.

Sea monster attacking a ship.  Done in 3/4-inch poplar.

Soaring eagle multi-piece fretwork.  Ended up making this twice, because the first one sort of disintegrated due to internal stresses getting released when cutting the fine fretwork.  Even the final one ended up getting patched at one point.   But it sure ended up looking nice.

An intricate fretwork welcome sign, done in 1-1/2 inch pine.

Intarsia wolf head.  Done in poplar, with the individual pieces stained.

What would Christmas be without a puzzle to torment the recipient?  This one is a welsh dragon.

Another puzzle … something a little different this time.

Something rather different … a t-shirt with Mr. Fumblethumbs proudly displayed.  However, I’m not sure that the recipients have ever actually worn it … can’t imagine why not.

OK, now this is REALLY different.  Turn the handle and the marbles move up the steps then roll down and the whole process starts over.  Challenging to make, and few people can resist playing with it.

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