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My thoughts on turning 60

Well, today I turn 60, so I shall indulge myself more than usual and wax philosophical. Everyone tells me that 60 is a real milestone.   Whoopee shit. I can distinctly recall my early-teens self thinking forward to the year 2000, … Continue reading

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My special sleeping throne

When I arrived at my new home, I found a special sleeping spot.  Since no-one was using it, I claimed it as my own.  It is very nice.  It is just the right size to curl up in.  There is … Continue reading

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The saga of the tiles continues

I thought it was over and done.  But then a Twitter follower casually mentioned that I should seal the grout (thanks, @magruffman).  I had no idea what that was about, since none of my reference books mentioned that at all.  … Continue reading

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More adventures installing tiles

Today I grouted the tiles that I installed last week.  All the tiles were securely fastened, so that part went OK.  Not so many pictures this time around because once the grout goop got put down, I had to use … Continue reading

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Treasures found at a used book sale

We’ve lucky to have a really good used book store in town.  A couple of times a year they have a sale, with several table heaped with cheap books and regular books priced at 20% off.  The sales items are … Continue reading

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Adventures in installing tiles

The tiles on the step to our bathtub got loosened when “someone” (not me) put some noxious fluid on them and allowed it to leak.  The leaked fluid ate at the grout and rendered it into sand, with the result … Continue reading

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