Oh, look, a new posting.

Yes!  Just in time for New Year’s Eve … a new posting in the blog-thing.  Well, not much of a posting if truth be told.  But something.

Anyways, I’ve been tweaking some of the pages to make them easier to read.  Got rid of the table-based display that put images on one side and text on the other.  It was what the old web page had, and I simply did a quick copy-and-paste, with the expectation to properly fix them for the blog ‘real soon’.  Turned out to be later than sooner, but such is life and laziness.   So far I’ve done the Halloween and some of the scrollsaw stuff.

Oh, in November I successfully completed the NaNoWriMo challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.


It’s actually a complete novel with a beginning, middle, and end!  I’ve very pleased with myself, truth be told.  Am currently working on turning it into a finished piece, and self-publishing it as an e-book.  Been reading up on that sort of stuff, and it is rather more involved than I’d initially thought.  Fascinating to discover all the details involved in completing a book … writing it is only about 25% of the effort!

Anyways, Happy New Year to all!  I’ll try to update the blog more frequently.

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