My special sleeping throne

When I arrived at my new home, I found a special sleeping spot.  Since no-one was using it, I claimed it as my own.  It is very nice.  It is just the right size to curl up in.  There is even a special-coloured walkway leading up to it.  Even though the floor is soft and warm, a cat appreciates these little touches that the staff provides.


Helping the staff to work hard!

I do so much work around here!  The he-staff was digging and hitting at the ground for a long time.  Sometimes he hit the ground with a stick, and sometimes he pulled stuff up, and sometimes he wandered around with handfuls of green stuff.  The ground changed colour after he hit it.  First it was green, then it changed to brown.  How strange.  So much work just to change colour of the ground.  But I supervised him the whole time, because that’s what a helpful cat does.  Then he came inside the house and wandered around carrying round things from the basement, up the stairs, and then behind the Locked Door That Is Forbidden To Enter.  Up and down, up and down, and the whole time I watched and supervised.  The he-staff made funny puffy sounds and his face turned funny colours.  After that he just collapsed on the rug and made loud puffy sounds for a long time.  And he was all wet and smelly.  But I lay beside him, because he is my staff and a good cat praises their staff when they work hard.  And it was a very hard day’s work watching him that entire time.  A cat’s work is never done.

Snuggling with clean laundry

I am quite fond of the Pink Blankie On The Bed.  Very snuggly and warm it is.  The only way to improve it is to add a pile of freshly-laundered cloth snugglies.  So I instruct my staff to do just that, usually once a week.  Sometimes, as a surprise treat, they dump a pile of warm snugglies on the bed.  My staff can be quite charming, at times.


Basking in the window

I like my window.  I like my window when the shiny comes in and makes things all warm and toasty.  The Orange Feller likes it too, but he usually takes it all for himself.  Sometimes he shares it.  I like to share the shiny when it is warm.  The Orange Feller has a warm bum.  I like that, too.