In Memorium : Beaudelair

It is with deep sadness that I inform you of the death of Beaudelair, at the age of 23. He’d been with us since 1998 (19 years!).

He was in pretty good health up until the last couple of weeks, climbing up and down stairs to check out his favorite spots. He slowed down rather more than normal for a week or two, then his body just gave up and decided it was time. Rather than prolonging his suffering, I took him to the vet one last time. Many tears were shed by myself and the vet, who had grown quite fond of him over the years. Despite being a sunny day, a thunderstorm developed later that evening, My wife and I decided that it was Beaudelair and Spooky reuniting in the heavens.

This is a picture of him just a few months before his death. Despite the gray hairs, he was a fine figure of a cat up until the end.

He was a good friend, and will not be forgotten.

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